Editor’s Pick: 10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of

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My plant-based journey started nearly a decade ago when I discovered my local Farmer’s Market in Hollywood, CA. The fact that I could build relationships with farmers, creators of brands, and purchase fresh produce from farm to table was something I never considered growing up in San Antonio, TX. As I got to know more of the vendors and farmers and grew more in the SoCal culture I found myself immersed in, ditching meat and animal products made more and more sense to me. Now, I’m amazed at how much this industry has flourished since I first began this path. And I was by no means early to the experience. Still, I am continually impressed at how easy it is to make the switch to eating plant-based and living a vegan lifestyle if someone has the desire to. 

I am continually impressed at how easy it is to make the switch to eating plant-based and living a vegan lifestyle if someone has the desire to.

This is why I’m excited to test and introduce some of the newest and best vegan products to you. And by the way, I am married with three small children who don’t all eat the way that I do. So in my day-to-day, I have to find creative ways to get them to try what I’m eating and hopefully enjoy it so we can experience this area of life in harmony. For this first list, I included my husband Clarence and three-year-old daughter Eleanor to try some of these brands with me. It’s always fun to see their genuine reactions to vegan dishes and products. And it helps give me an idea of what could work for everyone around me. You may find this helpful too if you aren’t solely around other vegans. 

10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough of:

Hooray Foods – Vegan Bacon

10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of: Hooray Foods Bacon
Image by Hooray Foods.

The first thing I noticed was the aroma of this product before I even took it out of the package. It immediately drew me in. This bacon replacement looks like the real thing, so much so that my daughter didn’t question it and immediately took a bite. Her response? “Yummmmmy mommy,” as she put it down and moved on to her bite of avocado. It was easy to prepare, you make it on a skillet like you would “regular” bacon. For now, this environmentally focused brand is local to Northern California. However, they do request your input on their website, www.HoorayFoods.com if you are interested in trying or purchasing outside of their area. 

Forager Project – Vegan Butter

10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of: Forager Project Butter
Image by Forager Project.

I’ve purchased several of Forager’s other products because I genuinely enjoy them so I was excited to try their butter. Like their other products, this one didn’t disappoint. In fact, it didn’t last long. What I enjoyed about their butter was the actual taste, it was light, with just enough flavor to compliment anything I used it on. The texture was nice as well. I used it on morning toast more than once and no one noticed the difference from other butter that is used in our home. I love that Forager is not only environmentally conscious but also family-owned. They have figured out how to make delicious plant-based products for the broader market. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding Forager’s butter at your local Whole Foods and can always order from their website www.foragerproject.com.

Revive Kombucha – Sparkling Kombucha 

Revive Sparkling Kombucha

I personally am a fan of Kombucha. I just love it, always have and always will. My husband on the other hand normally can’t stand it. So I really wanted to get him to taste Revive Kombucha’s newest Sparkling Kombucha cans with me to see his reaction. Before opening the first can we both agreed the design was fun. There’s a classic feel to it. And I love that Revive is a POC and woman co-owned company, girl power. I only had Clarence try the Cherry Hibiscus, but he surprised me and I think himself with his immediate response, “This is better than I thought it would be. I see why people drink this.” Yes, I see why people drink it too. So much so that I happily finished all the other flavors. You can order Revive Kombucha directly from their website www.revivekombucha.com or search their site for a local carrier near you.

Oat Butter Brand – Oat Butter

Image: @nicole.captures for oat butter brand.

Oat Butter Brand is unlike any spread I’ve tasted. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also raw,  gluten-free, and incredibly satisfying. I love it because it isn’t too sweet, so this allowed me to really enjoy the nutty flavor. It’s become a staple in my morning breakfast rotation. This is also a  product I feel great about supporting as well. In addition to being vegan, it is a start-up created by a Black woman, Jakera. She shares that she started Oat Butter Brand in response to being in foster care as a child and not having access to basic healthy and nutritious food. For me, this purchase is a win-win. You can order yours at www.oatbutterbrand.com 

REBBL – Vegan Keto Elixirs (+ Gold Label Elixir)

REBBL Vegan Keto Elixirs

We tested several of their flavors and labels and had our favorites. All it took was one bottle of their new gold label elixir for me to get it. No one else got to try the gold label because after the first sip of the Mayan Cacao I decided this part of the test was mine. However, Clarence is fascinated with the KETO lifestyle so when he saw they had KETO crafted elixirs his exact words were, “You’re speaking my language.” He then enjoyed both the KETO chocolate and vanilla and agreed their formula was spot on and that he enjoyed them both and would like to drink them again. You can find this growing environmentally conscious line of elixirs on their website www.rebbl.co and search their store locator as well. 

Charm School Chocolate – Hazelnut Spread

Charm School Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Image by Charm School Chocolate.

If you liked Nutella in the past then it’s a no brainer to switch over to Charm School Chocolate’s Hazelnut Spread. It tastes so similar to Nutella, but they use much healthier ingredients, and most importantly are vegan. I love that they include in their mission that they insist on respecting both the environment and communities from which they source. I made morning toast with this Hazelnut Spread and Eleanor asked for thirds. We both loved it. You can order yours directly from their website www.charmschoolchocolate.com.

Misha’s Kind Foods – “Vegan Cheese That Doesn’t Suck”

Vegan Cheese That Doesn’t Suck by Misha’s Kind Foods
Image by Misha’s Kind Foods.

Misha’s Kind Foods was a winner with everyone in my house. Even my 1 ½-year-old enjoyed his taste of it. As a family, we appreciate that their superb line of non-dairy spreads is Black-owned. And we appreciate how flavorful each cheese is. We each had our favorite flavor, it’s hard to go wrong with this line of vegan products. But when Clarence tried the Seven Point Five spread his immediate reaction was, “This shi* is fire”. Meaning, this is excellent. The spreads didn’t last long in our home as we each found ways to enjoy them but thankfully I was able to drive around the corner to my local Farmer’s Market to purchase more. You can buy yours on their website www.mishaskindfoods.com 

Image: Misha’s Kind Foods. “Vegan Cheese That Doesn’t Suck”

Daring – Vegan “Chicken” (original flavor)

10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of: Daring Vegan “Chicken”
Image by Daring Foods.

The common saying is that everything tastes like chicken, right? Well, assuming you’ve ever had it before. In my house, we all have tried it at some point in our lives and so Daring was a product I wanted to expose my family to. I prepared the original flavor “chicken” on a plate to be eaten alone like Eleanor likes, or wrapped in a tortilla with other things like Clarence prefers. Eleanor took a bite and didn’t react one way or the other, but she did continue to finish it so that was encouraging. Clarence said “this tastes pretty good and if you didn’t know it wasn’t chicken you could think it was real. They took their time with the texture, it’s actually juicy.” I think that products like Daring Chicken have a key role in the global shift to veganism. You can order yours directly to your home at www.daringfoods.com or find them in supermarkets like Sprouts.

UFO (Udder Free Only) Plant Milk

UFO Non-Dairy Milk
Image by UFO.

UFO (Udder Free Only) has quickly become one of my new favorite plant-based alternatives to dairy. This delicious start-up truly cares about the environment and shares how conscious they are about every step in their process on their site. And then there’s the actual product, the creamy hemp milk available in Unsweetened, Vanilla, Banana and Chocolate. You honestly can’t go wrong no matter which flavor you choose. Eleanor loved the Banana and Chocolate in her morning smoothies. I enjoyed the Vanilla in mine. Clarence used the Unsweetened in his protein shakes. And just like that, they were gone. You can order UFO through their website www.drinkufo.com and search for availability in local stores near you, including certain Whole Foods locations.

DiNoci Ice Cream

DiNoci Ice Cream
Image by DiNoci.

I’ve been searching for a great dairy-free ice cream that my husband Clarence can enjoy because he is sensitive to dairy in general. But, he loves ice cream, so you can imagine the dilemma. DiNoci claimed that their ice cream is so creamy and delicious that you won’t believe it’s dairy-free. I had the perfect candidate for them in Clarence and conducted a blind taste test for several flavors. The outcome? “They are all outstanding actually. Like I could stop buying normal ice cream with this brand. They got the texture right. And they all taste really good,” said Clarence. I also enjoyed them, as did Eleanor. You can taste for yourself by ordering directly from their website, www.dinoci.com as well as some local grocery stores that are listed on their website. 

It’s exciting to live through this shift towards a more conscious world.

I am truly encouraged by all of the excellent vegan products that are now available regionally, nationally, and even internationally in some cases. It’s exciting to live through this shift towards a more conscious world. After my family and I finished enjoying these products we sat down to discuss what it would take to encourage more people to at least try vegan food and products. I thought that Clarence had some interesting points from his perspective as a non-vegan. Primarily that in order to ethically move the masses towards a plant-based future, it helps if the starting point is food and products that actually taste good. I think that this list of new products is a great start and I look forward to trying more and sharing with you all, vegans, and aspiring vegans alike. 



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10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of



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