15 Vegan Recipes to Win Over Even The Biggest Skeptics! 

As a vegan, we all have that major skeptic in our lives. Whether it be a friend or family member, they’re always rolling their eyes as we enjoy delicious vegan food, and they are stuck in their thoughts that food without animal products could never be as good as their food. 

I’ve definitely got a few of those in my life and I really have them to thank because they are who motivated me to start my blog and develop recipes over the last few years! I was determined to create recipes that bring family and friends together over delicious food that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re vegan or not. Yes, even that uncle who dislikes fruits and veggies so much, that he doesn’t even like fruit in his dessert, I have one of those too! 

I went through my recipe list and put together 15 of my absolute best recipes to use as yummy vegan weaponry that would win over even the biggest skeptic in your life, so get ready to change some minds!

Vegan Biscuit Pot Pie

A rich classic pot pie using vegan chick’n then topped with biscuits in place of a traditional crust, makes this pot pie the epitome of vegan comfort food.

(Click here for the full recipe)


Cheesy Meatball Bake

This meaty cheesy pasta bake is so insanely easy, all you have to do is parboil the pasta and broccoli then dump it into a dish and bake. I’ve made this recipe for my entire non-vegan family and they absolutely love it!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


20 minute Creamy Sausage Pasta

When you’re short on time but still want to impress with a delicious meal, this creamy pesto sausage pasta will definitely win them over!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Beefy Skillet Lasagna

This beefy skillet lasagna is all of the deliciousness of lasagna, but in only 30 minutes!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Firecracker Tofu

This has been the most successful recipe on my blog to date and for good reason! I’ve made this for my non-vegan dad and he went for seconds.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches

These sandwiches make an epic brunch that no one can resist.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Buffalo Chick’n Sandwiches

These sandwiches made with jackfruit slow-cooked in buffalo sauce are meaty and so flavorful, and who doesn’t love buffalo sauce?!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Best Ever Vegan Meatballs

These meatballs were inspired by the traditional ones my husband’s Italian grandmother used to make for us. Load them into sub rolls for a massive sandwich or make a classic spaghetti and meatballs.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Beer Cheese Dip

This beer cheese dip is the perfect snack to bring on game day, book club, or any get together where you’ve got some skeptics to impress.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Cheesy Beefy Flauta Platter

I’ve made these insanely flavorful flautas for many non-vegan friends and they always love them!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Chai Cheesecake Layered Brownies

If you’re looking for a sweet finale to really seal the deal, these triple layer brownies comprised of a layer of fudgey brownie, a layer of chocolate sandwich cookies, and a layer of chai-spiced cheesecake will definitely do the job!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Sausage Bolognese

This sausage Bolognese is so close to the real deal, no one will ever tell the difference!

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Tempeh Ribs with Peach BBQ Sauce

Meaty slabs of tempeh smothered in a spicy and sweet bbq sauce are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Vegan Egg Salad

I make this egg salad all the time, and I recently made it for my non-vegan brother who was beyond impressed! And trust me, if you have a brother, you know they’re always brutally honest.

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Chick’n Ramen Stir Fry

This stir fry is sure to make even the biggest skeptics happy, who doesn’t love ramen noodles?! 

(Click here for the full recipe.)


Text, Photography and recipes by Valerie Libutti.



  1. Some of my absolute FAVORITE vegan recipes are on this list! I’m going to make my way through each and every one!


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