Today is National Croissant Day, so to celebrate the occasion, find out where in the city you can find 100% vegan croissants from Vegan NYC insider, Matt Marshall


The vegan croissants at this upscale vegan-friendly restaurant are so amazing, they stopped selling the non-vegan ones! Available on weekdays if you’re dining in for breakfast (8 AM to 10:30 AM) and “to go” from noon to 3 PM (if there are any left!)

Address: 38 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003


Orchard Grocer

This all-vegan deli on the Lower East Side serves delicious croissants topped with (vegan!) bacon, egg & cheese! You can also just get them plain – but why would you want to?

Address: 78 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Terms of Endearment 

Just opened in Williamsburg, this all-vegan cafe offers almond croissants, chocolate croissants, and even (vegan!) ham and cheese croissants! We recently profiled them here on Best of Vegan – and loved their (vegan!) bacon, egg and cheese croissant breakfast sandwich. 

Address: 135 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Delice and Sarassin 

This extremely quaint, all-vegan French restaurant in the West Village recently added croissants – and we hear they’re top-of-the-line. 

Address: 20 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014

Brooklyn Whiskers

The most widely-distributed croissants in NYC, you can find the best variety at their new flagship location in Bushwick. (We love the almond croissant!) However, you can also find their plain croissants scattered at cafes all over NYC – including Riverdel’s vegan cheese shop on the LES and Le Labo Cafe in Williamsburg.

Address: 1037 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221


Commissary at Confectionery

On Saturdays starting at noon, the all-vegan East Village chocolate shop Confectionery sells vegan croissants from sister-store Commissary (based in New Paltz, NY). These are definitely on the denser side of croissants, but still very tasty. They usually have plain, almond and chocolate croissants available. But come early – they are sure to sell out.

Address: 440 E. 9th St, New York, New York

Update March 2nd 2020: La Colombe just started offering Vegan Croissants at all of their New York City locations. They’re not always clearly labeled “vegan”, so be sure to ask them. 

Text: Matt Marshall | Photography: Kim-Julie Hansen.


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  1. And if anyone ever ventures over to New Jersey, the vegan croissants at Choc-o-pain (locations in Jersey City and Hoboken) are excellent.

  2. Confectionery is missing and their almond croissant is my fav anywhere. Granted, they’re only available one day a week (Saturdays now) but they deserve mention, no?

    1. Their limited availability is indeed the reason they’re not listed here. We have another article underway in which they will be mentioned, however! – Matt

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