BOV Senior Editor | NYC

Anna Kot

After spending most of her life unaware of veganism and all of its benefits, Anna became an ethical vegan overnight after visiting New York City (and tasting all of its amazing vegan food!) for the first time in 2016. With a background in journalism and creative management, it was only a matter of time before she applied all those skills and knowledge to promoting veganism in every way possible – through creating educational and entertaining content for the Russian audience, speaking at festivals and events, and submitting her op-eds and recipes to local publications.
Anna was born in Kazakhstan and raised in Moscow, Russia, but has since traveled around the world and lived in NYC among other vegan activists. Having always been deeply interested in food and its history, in 2020 she finally got a chance to devote all her time to vegan food through hosting her own cooking show on Instagram, working with Moscow’s best vegan cafes, and developing recipes for local plant-based brands. She is passionate about animal liberation, making vegan food accessible for all, and building a vibrant vegan community in Russia.

My 5 Favorite Vegan Ingredients: smoked paprika, tempeh, garlic, miso, gochujang

My 3 Favorite Vegan Recipes: Tofu Bolognese, Lemon Loaf Cake, Sweet Potato Curry

Currently Working On: A new season of my Instagram cooking show, Baby Vegan Kitchen.

My Life Motto: You have to work with what you have.