BOV Contributor: Casey Colodny

Photo Credit: Travis Anderson Photography

Meet Casey | The Mindful Hapa

Nut butter, chocolate, and avocado loving food blogger behind the blog, the Mindful Hapa. Casey is also a freelance content creator and works with brands on recipe development, food photography, and videography. When she’s not working, she loves going on day dates with her husband to their favorite climbing gym in Dallas, and spending her mornings at the dog park with their boxer pup, Theo.

My 5 Favorite Vegan Ingredients

Nutritional Yeast, Soaked Cashews, Tahini, Canned Full Fat Coconut Milk, Dark Chocolate.

My Life Motto

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Currently working on…

  • Continuing to improve my photography skills
  • Growing my blog, The Mindful Hapa​
  • Start working with more clients on videography work
  • Going to bed by 10pm
  • Being the best partner to my husband, Andy, and dog mom to our pup, Theo.

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