Marisa Alvarsson is the recipe developer and blogger behind Miss Marzipan and now the author of the cookbook Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats. It’s a wonderful collection of vegan treats and desserts that are delicious, healthy and kid-friendly, accompanied by stunning photographs and a particularly endearing personal touch since Marisa’s three young children were part of the entire book creation process.

This is the perfect book for anyone with a sweet tooth who’d like to indulge in a healthier way. Marisa has been one of our favorite bloggers to feature on Best of Vegan for years and we couldn’t recommend this amazing and beautiful resource enough. She kindly allowed us to share three exclusive recipes from her book, which you’ll find at the end of this article.



Have your (naturally-sweetened) cake and eat it, too! In NATURALLY SWEET VEGAN TREATS author Marisa Alvarsson creates vegan, plant-based treats free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. And not just cake, Marisa shares incredibly delicious, as well as wholesome and nutritious, sweet breakfasts, cookies, pies, puddings and more.

Made with accessible ingredients, NATURALLY SWEET VEGAN TREATS includes more than 85 recipes such as crispy Chocolate Cake Batter Waffles sweetened with coconut sugar, and Mocha Balls, a no-bake Swedish classic sweetened with vanilla. Marissa also includes several seasonal treats such as Pumpkin Oat Cookies, Baked “Buttermilk” Doughnuts with Maple Pecan Frosting, and Pear & Cardamom Pudding. Every recipe in the book is sweetened with natural alternatives like nuts, coconut, spices, vegetables, fruit, maple syrup and coconut sugar, so you can indulge without worrying about unhealthy, chemical additives.

All of the recipes are 100 percent vegan — many have gluten-free options, and many can be adapted to cater to allergy sufferers – so that anyone can enjoy the sweet things in life.


Marisa Alvarsson is a professional corporate art director, recipe developer and food photographer turned WAHM (Work at Home Mum), with a particular passion for plant-based food and baking. She started her blog, Miss Marzipan, in 2011 after her first pregnancy and, despite remaining anonymous on her online channels for 3 years, continued to share content and managed to attract a supportive social media following, for which she is incredibly grateful.

Born in London and raised in Australia, Marisa now lives with her vegan husband and 3 young children in central Stockholm, Sweden. Marisa’s children are her kitchen helpers. They love to go grocery shopping with her and are proud of the fact that they know their avocados from their aubergines.

Marisa’s perfect day would involve sunshine, some form of physical activity, reflection/meditation, indulging in creative pursuits, cooking (or at the very least, eating!) and cuddles. And if it all took place in an exotic location of some description, she wouldn’t complain.


Hi! I’m Marisa, otherwise known by my nickname, Miss Marzipan; professional art director, recipe creator, stylist, visual communicator and food photographer.


a grateful mama of 3 lovely little ones
a “real food” enthusiast
a foodie creative
a life-lover
a native anglophone living in Stockholm, Sweden
a low-sugar sweet-tooth
a dedicated veggie-lover
an explorer who seeks the creative satisfaction of ‘doing it herself’
a believer in the power of kindness

I truly believe that every aspect of everyday life can be beautiful, whether we make it so with a sprinkle of homemade magic, or simply shift our perception to see the extraordinary beauty in ordinary things and events.




Vegan Patch Brownies (click here for the full recipe)

 Pumpkin Oat Cookies (Click here for the full recipe)

Sweet Potato Pie Baked Porridge For Two (Click here for the full recipe)


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