Rajiv Harry
By Lezlie Mitchell, Best of Vegan Editor, Author and Blogger

In this interview, Rajiv Harry shares his journey to going vegan and becoming an award-winning chef. He discusses his passion for health and fitness and how they inspired him to launch a plant-based business driven by a desire to combine taste, versatility, and nutrition. Lastly, Rajiv also shares a vegan recipe that is dear to his heart and is inspired by his father’s Trinidadian culture.

Rajiv Harry

Bite-Sized Interview: Meet Rajiv Harry

Lezlie Mitchell: Could you share with us your journey as a professional chef and health and wellness coach?

Rajiv Harry: I launched into a career in the culinary industry when I was 19 after struggling with anxiety and spinning my wheels in college. When I started, I was green and did not have much experience. My only experience was doing small catering gigs and farmers’ markets with my father growing up. I was eager to learn and fit in the kitchen, so I began developing my skills immediately—training and learning from the chefs above me and asking many questions. I worked for the NW’s Top catering company, and in 5 years, I became the Sous Chef spending the remaining 5 years of my tenure as the Sous and Lead Event Chef. 

Near the end of my tenure in the kitchen, I became passionate about health and fitness through my own personal transformation. I joined a fitness community that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was the catalyst for a whole new life trajectory. I began prioritizing my health and putting down many toxic habits, eating nutritiously, surrounding myself with a positive community, and beginning to value education. This shift inspired me to enter a career as a health coach to help people experience the breakthrough in their lives through their health and wellness, similar to what I experienced. I’ve spent the last decade helping others Embrace positive change in their lives through fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

LM: How has veganism played a role in your life?

RH: I’ve been Vegan for almost 5 years. My why for switching to veganism was first about longevity and disease prevention. With both sides of my family being plagued with metabolic illness due to diet and lifestyle, I was intrigued to learn more about a lifestyle that was healing.

When I learned we have so much control over our health with what we put on our plates daily, I felt called to begin practicing veganism for my health, those I love, and those I serve.

Through my practice, I’ve become more compassionate and aware of the other pressing issues veganism looks to address and reshape, like animal cruelty and the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

LM: Tell us about Plant Bomb and your mission to create sauces that are both flavorful and nutritious.

RH: “Healthy” eating sometimes gets a bad rap. When I created Plant Bomb, I wanted to break down those barriers and stigmas that nutritious foods are boring or bland with a healthy, versatile sauce line that doesn’t add junk or sacrifice flavor. We wanted to be the bridge builder to encourage folks to eat cleaner by utilizing our products in everyday meals. We are committed to helping our customers lead healthier lives and understand that healthy eating can be fun, flavorful, and accessible.

LM: Anything else you would like to share about yourself, your mission, or Plant Bomb?

RH: As a vegan company, we don’t want to shame or condemn anyone for their current lifestyle. We strive to educate, create awareness and invite them in.

Recipe: Vegan Chana and Aloo

This dish was inspired by the vibrant East Indian culture found on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. Variations of the recipe are often served at weddings, family gatherings, and special occasions, like Diwali, the Festival of Lights. This plant-based recipe is robust in flavor, easy to make, and rich in protein. Click here to view the full recipe.

Chana and Aloo


Rajiv Harry

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