Ko Oyakawa


Ko is a third-generation Japanese-Canadian based in Tokyo, Japan. His family immigrated to Canada over 100 years ago, and having lived through times when and where Japanese ingredients were scarce, his grandparents made their own tofu, miso, rice wine, mochi, anko, and many other items that Westerners are only beginning to recognize today—from scratch!

Ko grew up in the same house as these resourceful grandparents, thus cooking and food have always been a big part of his life. Everyone in his family enjoys cooking and Ko is no exception. Being bi-cultural in a multicultural society, he was always surrounded by different types of food which have been a great influence in his style of cooking. 

Disclaimer: Although Ko is not vegan, he loves and is an advocate of vegan food.

ko Oyakawa

My Favorite Quote

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein

My 5 Favorite Vegan Ingredients

  1. Soy Beans (because they make edamame, bean sprouts, soy sauce, miso, tamari, tofu, natto, tempeh, milk—all in one)
  2. Mirin
  3. Bok Choy
  4. Cilantro
  5. Konjac jelly