BOV Contributor | Toronto, Canada

Lloyd Rose | Plant Crazii

I grew up in Montreal, Canada, where I was surrounded by friends from different cultures. This allowed me to be introduced to foods from different ethnicities. Since the age of 11, I've been passionate about recreating the foods that I had tasted. I was curious and I asked a lot of questions about all the different seasonings used to make unique flavors come together.

I am of Jamaican decent. However, I was not only making food from back home, I was also making souvlaki pitas with tzatziki from scratch, pastas & all sorts of Asian & African meals. When I went vegan about 2.5 years ago, my mission was to recreate the meals I used to love using plants. I surprised friends & family, including myself, with how great my food was which made me want to share it with others and that is how Plantcrazii came about!

My 5 Favorite Vegan Ingredients: Cauliflower, Tofu, Coconut cream, Mushrooms, Textured vegetable protein.

Currently working on: I am currently working on completing my Plantcrazii website, developing my photography skills & exploring the idea of a meal preparation service or any other way for my food to reach as many people as possible.

A Quote I live by: "Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world." Bible 1 John 4:4