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Choosing a juicer (or any kitchen appliance) can be extremely confusing given the many options that exist. I’ve personally been juicing for over 10 years now and have used anything from a blender and strainer to a thrifted centrifugal juicer, to several kinds of slow juicers. After all these years, the juicer I now use and prefer is the Nama J2 Cold Press juicer.

I’ve been using the Nama J2 Juicer for a few years now and this review is based on both my personal experience with it and the research I did while deciding which juicer might be the best option for me. If you’re looking for a great juicer, this might be the one for you. I’ve outlined both the pros and the cons below to help you make an informed decision.

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer Review

Here’s what you’ll find in this Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer Review. (Click on each title to jump directly to that section).

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer – The Pros

The practical pros

It’s easy to use

There are many kitchen gadgets I don’t use nearly as often as I’d like to simply because they’re either difficult to set up or complicated to use. So ease of use is one of the most important factors for me when it comes to using a juicer. The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer takes only about 2 minutes (possibly less) to put together and then all you need to do is add your produce and turn it on. That’s it.

Furthermore, the most obvious improvement from the Nama J1 compared to the Nama J2 is that the top of the juicer now allows you to add whole fruits which you previously would have had to cut into much smaller pieces. This means less prep time and less time spent monitoring the juicing process (although it’s actually fun to watch and doesn’t take much time to begin with).

It’s easy to clean

This is another very important factor for me. I’m lazy by nature and simply cannot spend hours cleaning a juicer. Once I’m done juicing, I discard the dry pulp (you can compost it or freeze it to use in savory muffins or other recipes), and immediately rinse the different parts of the juicer. I then use a sponge and/or a brush (it comes with a small brush that looks a bit like a big tooth brush) and a little soap and warm water to clean it and then let it air dry. The entire effortless cleaning process takes less than 5 minutes and feels easier compared to many other juicers I’ve used.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Nama J2 juicer comes in a box with clear instructions and is completely plastic-free. You can even repurpose the box (it’s pretty!) or simply recycle it. I always appreciate it when companies go the extra mile to make their packing eco-friendly.

nama j2 juicer review - wide opening overhead view

It can also make nut milk and smoothies

While the main function of the J2 juicer is, of course, juicing, it also has other functions:

  • It can make nut milk: granted, you can easily make your own plant-based milks (like almond milk) using a blender and a nut milk bag or cheese cloth, but the process can get a little messy and is not something I’d want to do every week. With this juicer, you just scoop the soaked nuts with into the juicer with your desired amount of water, turn on the juicer, and that’s it. Super easy and convenient. Note: if you’re allergic to tree nuts, you can also make seed milks!
  • It can make smoothies: it comes with a second strainer specifically for smoothies, which adds additional fiber to your juice.

The design

It doesn’t hurt that the juicer is pretty to look at! This might be a very superficial “pro”, but if I’m going to add a gadget to my kitchen, it’s a welcome plus if it looks great and makes my home décor look a little more fancy. The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer comes in both matte black and matte white (mine is white), both of which look elegant and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Nama J2 Cold Press juicer

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Great customer service

Nama’s customer service is super efficient and friendly, so that’s another plus (poor customer service is a huge deal breaker for me.)

It has up to a 15-year warranty

You never know what can happen, so even though the Nama J2 juicer is super high quality (mine’s never had any issues and I use it all the time), it’s good to know that if something ever were to happen, it’s covered by a 15-year warranty on the motor.

Bonus Pro (2024 Update): International Shipping Options Are Now more accessible

Since the end of 2023, Nama has now made the international juicer shopping process more accessible by offering lower shipping rates than previously, as well as payment plans (which were previously only available to U.S. customers). The international Nama Cold Press Juicer models (which you can view here) are available for European markets, U.K. markets, and Australian markets and available in the local currency of each country. For all other markets, an adaptor can be used, as explained here.

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The Technical Pros

The following is a list of specific features that, in my opinion, make the Nama J2 Juicer an exceptional kitchen gadget for beginners and expert juicers alike.

It’s a cold-press juicer

If you’re new to juicing and just starting to do your research, you’ll soon learn that there are two main types of juicers: centrifugal juicers and slow or cold-press juicers. I’ll talk about this some more below, but the term “slow” really only describes a minor difference in speed compared to centrifugal juicers.

While centrifugal juicers essentially shred the produce very quickly using the power of a motor (which generates heat and oxidation), cold press juicers use a masticating system that crushes the produce to extract the juice. Without the added heat generation, this makes for higher quality juice.

Nama Juicer

Improved Design and Functionality (compared to other Nama models)

The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer has a 16:1 gear ratio, which means that it can produce more juice per pound of fruit than most other juicers. This is because the lower number lets you squeeze more juice out of your fruits and vegetables without having to stop and grind them up. The higher number gives you better consistency in your cold-pressed juice, which makes it easier to drink or use in recipes like smoothies or cocktails.

The wider opening also means that you can add large pieces of fruit and vegetables all at once, saving even more time and increasing the amount of ingredients you can juice in one go (older slow juicer models would usually require you to cut your produce into small pieces prior to juicing).

It yields more juice

According to Nama’s website, the juice you get from the J2 juicer yields up to 60% more juice compared to other juicers. I don’t know how accurate that is (or how to objectively measure that), but I do notice that the pulp is a lot dryer compared to other juicers I’ve used, which seems to confirm the claim.

I also noticed that the juice itself is much better. With other juicers, especially centrifugal juicers, the juice would often quickly separate and be less smooth. That’s not the case with the Nama J2 juicer.

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green salad juice

Click here for a delicious “Salad” Green Juice Recipe (made with leafy greens and fresh fruits).

It uses pure press technology

The J2 has a special strainer that’s made of stainless steel, which allows for the slow squeezing process of the produce. This helps minimize oxidation, which makes for a more nutrient-dense, better tasting juice.

It’s relatively quiet

If you’ve ever used a centrifugal juicer or a high speed blender, the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer is much quieter. It still makes sound, but it’s far from being noisy and you could easily hold a conversation and listen to music while using it.

Integrated safety features

The Nama J2 juicer comes with a safety feature that makes is both child-safe and incredibly practical to use. When you add your produce, you close the lid, turn on the juicer and the juicer starts doing its magic. If you open the lid, it automatically (and immediately) turns off, so you never have to worry about leaving the juicer unattended around children.

As soon as you close it again, it automatically starts juicing again (unless you manually turn it off first). I find this very handy while juicing as I can easily add a few extra ingredients I may have forgotten, without having to manually turn the juicer off and on each time.

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The Nama J2 Cold Press juicer Cons

The price

There’s no way to sugarcoat it, it is quite the investment; the  Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer retails at $550 (or $495 with a discount code – scroll down if you’d like one). Whether or not that’s worth it is beside the point when it’s simply not something one can afford. I was in college when I started juicing and that kind of price simply would have been impossible for me.

That said, the phrase “I’m too poor to buy cheap things” comes to mind here. Because I couldn’t afford an expensive juicer at the time, I started with a very cheap juicer (which quickly broke) and ended up buying several other cheaper juicers over the years, the sum of which actually amounts to more than a brand-new J2 juicer. I know that that information still doesn’t solve the problem of how to come up with money you just don’t have.

So here’s what I would do if I was in the same situation now: instead of buying a cheaper juicer, I would actually use a blender or food processor to blend the produce and then use a nut milk bag while I save up for a juicer. That process will take you a little longer, but you’ll appreciate it so much more once you do get your juicer and you’ll be saving a lot more in the long run (because of the quality of the juicer, but also because you’ll be able to yield more juice using a higher quality juicer).

Nama also has payment plans for 3, 6, and 12-month installments to make the juicer more accessible. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that with cheaper juicers, parts break more easily and that you could end up spending more on produce (since those juicers tend to yield less juice). Investing in a higher quality juicer therefore pays for itself in the long run based on what you’ll potentially save on produce alone.

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It can’t make sorbet (update 2024: It now can!)

While the precursor to the J2 juicer, the J1 juicer, allows you to make juice, smoothies, nut milks, and sorbet, the J2 “only” allows you to make juice, smoothies, and nut milks. The J1 might therefore be a better fit for you depending on your needs (more on that in the “J1 or J2?” section below).

Note: I emailed them to ask if they were planning on adding this feature to the J2 juicer and was told that they will be launching a J2 sorbet attachment soon.

UPDATE 2023/2024: Good news! Nama just added a sorbet attachment for the J2 to their list of Nama Products. You can click here to view it. 

Mango sorbet Nama J2 cold press juicer

It’s “slow” (and why that’s not actually a con)

The term “slow” in slow juicer is a bit misleading. If I knew nothing about juicing and juicers, I would think this meant that the juicing process will take me a very long time. But it’s used in contrast to centrifugal juicers that operate with a very fast motor and the difference in speed is minimal.

My first juicer was a centrifugal juicer and while it was indeed impressive to see how quickly an apple can be juiced (those kinds of juicers are sometimes also referred to as “high-speed juicers”), it really isn’t that much faster in comparison. There are some slow juicers that do take a little longer, but the J2 juicer juices in just a couple of minutes. It takes me less time to make juice with it than it takes me to make coffee or tea.

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root veggie juice in glass jar in front of nama j2 juicer

Bottom Line

Is the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer worth it?

The short answer is yes. It’s by far the best juicer I’ve ever used. It’s fun to use, the juice tastes amazing and it’s a great way (and makes it so much easier) to add more fresh fruits and veggies to your life. Whether you’re embarking on a wellness journey or you’re simply looking for a high quality juicer that makes nutrient-dense juice and you can afford it (or a payment plan is an option for you), then it’s a no brainer and I’d 100% recommend it.

Should you buy the Nama J2 Juicer or is the Nama J1 Juicer good enough?

The answer isn’t quite as simple as just the price difference. It really depends on your personal priorities. If time and ease of use are a big factor and the main reason you want a juicer is to make the best juice quickly, then I’d say definitely go for the Nama J2 juicer.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind spending a few extra minutes cutting up veggies and adding them to the juicer one at a time, or you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, then the J1 will make juice that’s just as amazing, whether you’re looking to make daily fresh orange juice, green juice, or delicious mocktails.

I used the J1 for years before switching to the J2 and was extremely happy with it. Think of the Nama J2 Juicer like an extra cozy seat you’d pay more for at the movie theater and the J1 as a slightly less cozy seat in the same row. You’re still seeing the same movie, but if you have the extra money, then the cozy seat is always a nice upgrade.


At the end of the day, only you can make the decision of which juicer is best for you. Based on the other juicers I’ve used, there aren’t any that I would recommend with the same confidence as Nama juicers, but there are other alternatives based on your needs or in case you decide to save up for a juicer:

The Nama J1 Cold Press juicer

As mentioned above, the J1 is a great, slightly more affordable ($399 or $359.10 with a discount code), alternative to the J2 juicer ($550 or $495 with a discount code).

The Nama J3 Cold Press Juicer

2024 update: Nama just launched the brand-new J3 Cold Press Juicer, which is essentially a more compact, travel-friendly version of the J2 Juicer. It retails at $450 (or $405 with a discount code). This juicer is ideal for smaller kitchens, single households, college dorms, and travelers.

TIP: our 10% discount code BOV10 will work for all Nama Juicers.

Using a blender and nut milk bag

I wouldn’t recommend this as a permanent alternative or a great option for a juice cleanse, but if you can’t afford a juicer quite yet and still want to occasionally enjoy a homemade juice, it is a good alternative that doesn’t require buying a lesser juicer.

Buying juice

If you’re planning on making juice every day or even just every week, then investing in a high quality juicer is certainly worth it and a fantastic investment that will help you save money in the long run. But if you’re looking for an occasional on-the go option while you decide or save up, then supporting your local juice shop is a great option. Always make sure the juice is cold-pressed and fresh (and not made from concentrate).

I hope you found this review helpful! Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions.

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Disclaimer: this Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer review is not sponsored by Nama and all opinions expressed are my own. I did, however, ask Nama for a discount code for Best of Vegan Readers. So if you decide to get the juicer, you can use the code “BOV10” at checkout. It’ll give you 10% off the Nama J2 Juicer, as well as any other Nama Juicer and accessories. Click here to view them on their site. 

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Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer Review, Nama J2 Juicer

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  1. I bought this juicer after reading this review and now that I’ve had it for a couple of months, I can say that I’m SO happy with it. Thank you for the discount code too! 🙂

  2. I’m very interested in purchasing in the next month🥰 review and research seem this will be exactly what I’m missing and needing in a juicer.. would love to definitely use the discount as a first time buyer🤭

    1. Hi Hillary! I’m so glad to hear that:) I hope you’ll love it! Let me know what you think when you start using your new juicer.

  3. Will this juice pineapple? I have two juicers that produce a massive amount of pineapple foam out the top, and it takes ‘forever’ to juice the pineapple after having to constantly remove the foam. Also, does this Nama2 juice carrots? One of your recipes states to finely chop the carrots. I sure hope not!

    1. Hi Carolyn! Re: carrots, yes, it does! I always add them whole. One of our juice recipes including carrots was a guest contribution, so that’s why! But I still use the J2 every day and carrots can easily be added whole:) For the pineapple, I don’t remember it ever doing that, but I always remove the pineapple rind before juicing. Do you usually keep it on or remove it? I also haven’t juiced pineapples in a while, but was planning on making a pineapple juice this weekend, so if you’d like, I can double check and report back:)

  4. Thank you so much…found this info very useful. I would love to place order, but I think the shipping might be the challenge.

    1. Hi Ejiana, they offer worldwide shipping and now also have a warehouse in Europe, so depending on where you live, it might still work:)

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