Nocciolato Hazelnut Cream Pie




Nocciolato Hazelnut Cream Pie


  • •2.5 cups peeled hazelnuts
  • •16 medjool dates
  • •For the filling:
  • •1.5 cups peeled hazelnuts
  • •1 cup vegan chocolate spread
  • •3 oz vegan nougat, shaved + more for garnish
  • •14 oz silken tofu


  1. To make the crust, combine hazelnuts and dates in an blender of food processor and blend until you have a dough-like texture. It doesn’t have to stay completely together – it will once you press it into a crust.
  2. Prepare a springform (7 inch) with parchment paper or a little oil. Put the hazelnut-date mixture into the springform and press it firmly onto the bottom.
  3. Back to the blender, combine hazelnuts, silken tofu, and vegan chocolate spread. Blend all until smooth. Now mix this in a bowl with shaved vegan nougat until you reached a smooth and creamy texture. Put the filling on top of the dough, garnish with more vegan nougat, ready. Time to chill!



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