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Rainbow Popsicles


  • red popsicle; blend handful of fresh strawberries, handful of frozen cranberries and 1 date until smooth. Pour in popsicle mold.
  • orange popsicle; blend one peeled orange, handful of mangocubes and 1/2 tsp seabuckthorn powder until smooth. Pour in pospsicle mold.
  • yellow popsicle; blend 2 big handfuls of fresh mangocubes and juice of 1/2 lime until smooth. Pour in posicle mold.
  • green popsicle; blend half a kiwi, 1/4 avocado, half a banana and a bit of green spirulina until smooth. Pour in popsicle mold.
  • blue popsicle; blend 3/4 banana, concentrated blue chai tea and spirulina until smooth. Play with the colour until you achieved the desired blue! Pour in popsicle mold.
  • purple popsicle; blend 2 big handsful of blueberries, a good gulp of oat milk and a date until smooth. Pour in popsicle mold. Pour leftover smoothie in a jar.




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