The 28-Day Vegan Plan: Kickstart a plant-based lifestyle in just one month



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The ultimate all-you-need-to-know guide to going vegan in a month – including 100 recipes, shopping lists and much more.

Food writer and blogger Kim-Julie Hansen presents a simple monthly plan that makes it easy to become a vegan. Laid out day by day with meal plans, advance prep, shopping lists, recipes and practical advice, this is the definitive guide for anyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle. If you want to go vegan but don’t know where to start, this includes everything you need. But it’s also invaluable for anyone looking to improve their relationship with food – whether you have environmental concerns, want to feel healthier or are looking for more ways to pack more greens into your diet.


Kim-Julie is the blogger behind the brands Best of Vegan and Vegan Reset. She became an ethical vegan in 2011 and, in 2013, started sharing her passion online to show people how easy it can be to adopt a vegan lifestyle. While making veganism accessible to mainstream audiences is her number-one passion, she is also loves to travel and practice Yoga. Originally from Brussels, Belgium, she now lives in New York City.




Praise for The 28-Day Vegan Plan: Kickstart a plant-based lifestyle in just one month


“A great way to eat a whole rainbow of veg.”

Jamie Oliver


“Healthy, simple plant-based recipes – we love this book.”



“Hansen’s 28-day plan is a thoughtfully crafted diet and exercise regimen for those starting a plant-based diet. Hansen explains the logistics behind weight loss or weight gain, and what to expect from one’s body when it transitions to performing on plant-based fuel. Debunking the notion that a vegan diet is expensive to maintain, Hansen offers suggestions for cheap grocery shopping and strategies for saving money, such as buying in bulk and opting for generic brands. What stands out most in Hansen’s book, however, is her concern for optimal health, including an emphasis on meditation, restorative sleep, and the importance of hydration. The 28-day plan itself is meticulously constructed with comprehensive grocery lists, meal-prep schedules, and journaling exercises. Her recipes are no-frills and use a limited number of ingredients—such as a blue medjool smoothie with blueberries and dates; white chocolate nut butter made from macadamia nuts and cacao butter; herbed lentils and white bean dip; a tofu spring roll bowl served with a side of maple pumpkin seeds; and a baked mustard-tofu sandwich. This plant-based reboot is an excellently organized and enlightening resource. “

Publishers Weekly





Order the book now and get an extra 4-week meal plan sent to your inbox! To get yours, simply email your order confirmation or a picture of your receipt to