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Hot Dogs & "Meat" Balls

Vegan Russian Meatballs (“Lazy Golubtsy”)

You've heard of meatballs. You've heard of stuffed cabbage rolls. A lot of cuisines have their own versions of the two, but this dish...

Vegan “Meatball” Gyros with Creamy Cashew Tzatziki from Megan Sadd’s Vegan YUM

This vegan Meatball Gyros with Creamy Cashew Tzatziki recipe is an exclusive from Megan Sadd's cookbook Vegan YUM: The Secrets to Mastering Plant-Based Cooking....

Spaghetti with Mini Meatless Balls

Looking for a perfectly comforting vegan dinner recipe? This spaghetti dish with mini meatless balls is here for you! Easy to make, and even...

Vegan Italian Meatballs

If you have already tried this recipe for vegan Italian meatballs, how about spicing it up with some turmeric sauce next time?
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