Mosaic Sushi




Mosaic Sushi


  • Each roll consisted of 1 whole Cucumber, 2 colours of rice, fresh carrot and capsicum and 4 sheets of Nori.


  1. You start by covering 1 sheet of nori shiny side down with blue coloured rice, leaving 2 cm of of nori clear.
  2. Roll the whole cucumber into the sheet using a bamboo sushi mat.
  3. Next cover another nori sheet with the pink rice completely and wrap the roll around again.
  4. Now taking that roll cut it lengthways in half and then cut each half in half again, so you end up with four long rolls of cucumber with two layers of rice around it.
  5. Next take 2 nori sheets and wet 3 cms of one end and overlap the second sheet over that to form one long piece.
  6. Taking two of the cucumber strips place them face down 2 cms from the end of one sheet, side by side, so that one flat side of the cucumber slice is on the nori and the other is facing out.
  7. Put your fillings in the middle and then place the remaining two cucumber and rice pieces on top in the opposite way so that the flat side is facing upwards.
  8. Now wrap the nori around encase everything tightly, as you roll it should be forming a square shape naturally.
  9. This was hard but it is doable, so take you time and make it work!
  10. Once done, take a sharp wet knife to slice the roll into slices about 2cm wide.
  11. Hopefully it somewhat resembles the right pattern that you were after!!



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